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And so, still yet in half formed dreams-
The sway of clouds and summer streams,
With the sunset's glory in the sky
Take shape and form in her clouded eyes.
They once filled her mind with pictures lost-
Magnolia whites and verdant moss,
And the azure blues of the winter rose
All now a whisper as the curtains closed...
For oh, but when that sickness spread
Leeched out of the world the greens and reds
and violets and all that had been sight's precious gift
Was she left with memories and now, only this:
The feel of the sun ripe on her face
As she imagines the lavender in its place
Upon her hair; wheat in her shaking hands,
Painting blinded dreams only she can comprehend.
~Arya May
:iconaryamay:AryaMay 5 21
The Madness of Angels
Sometimes at night I still dream of the glass garden which I had planted, molten pillars of flame that were cool to the touch- the gates of heaven which I had fashioned in her likeness. It wasn’t what one might call Eden though; far from it. The only commonality that this place and the mythological one shared were perhaps in its finer details: being lost, perhaps the one that sticks out like a sore thumb.
I discovered some years ago when I had slipped out of my teenage arrogance that in fact, I was more sentimental a being than perhaps I would have liked to admit- definitely more so than I imagine I give a hint at. Logic had been my weapon against the confusing algorithms that ruled the mechanics of society- the smoke that used to stink up the sandwich shop near my school, the parties which I never bothered to go, the gossip about so and so person whom I had never found attractive. When I turned sixteen, I decided that I had been hanging around the wrong crowd after I had
:iconaryamay:AryaMay 3 14
Assassin's Creed IV: It's in our Blood by AryaMay Assassin's Creed IV: It's in our Blood :iconaryamay:AryaMay 28 2
Whispers in the Wind
We ran through space once, chasing wreaths of fire
Through Heaven, through Hell, through laughter and ire;
Waltzed with the gods that were our own imaginations-
Brought down worlds and rose others through creation.
We both tried to solve the world's nonsensical equations
And lifted up the groundwork of all the past nations;
Grabbed the Apple, split the fruit, took a bite out of two,
And scoffed at everything under the sky’s azure blue.
But somewhere along the way, the mathematics fell apart,
The schematics of the world tore out its beating heart
Into the hands of Fate, who turned aside our eyes
And lifted iridescence; away did it fly.
But oh, we had been through times hard and cruel;
Though this time in the end, were we one or two fools
Convinced that time held together no more meaning
And that all of existence had nothing worth seeing?
Once we had tried to smash apart the dark lights
Those that made all known philosophies lose sight;
The rose’s black thorns, and the dragon
:iconaryamay:AryaMay 8 12
APH: Fritz/Prussia- Ich werde hier sein... by AryaMay APH: Fritz/Prussia- Ich werde hier sein... :iconaryamay:AryaMay 56 24 Morrowind: Nerevar Rising by AryaMay Morrowind: Nerevar Rising :iconaryamay:AryaMay 77 31
Still like dreaming, you hold me dear-
The Autumn night surreal, the silence bare;
The wind a still gossamer like web tangled wings,
Soft whispers touching of clementine dreams...
The gifts of the Goddess, we take to the skies
An embrace of twilight that between us, lies-
Of masquerading truths and clandestine desires,
And darkening lusts and kindling fires-
You spoke to me, on that Autumn's night
And gave me empty promises that still set me alight-
Temptations, bitter honey, multicolored leaves
All set to rot when spent the last of the eve-
And twisting your hands, you turned the world to naught-
All the hardships and toil to a heaven long sought
(A macabre antiphrasis) But yet still, you burn
The ice of reality turn on by turn-
I did not know sin, or really what innocence deemed
But am I a fool for accepting what seemed
Or rather, I knew to be an inevitable end
To be abandoned the day after only yet again?
Once we had danced under the full moon's glance
:iconaryamay:AryaMay 22 22
Mature content
APH: Rest Beneath the Stars :iconaryamay:AryaMay 8 14
APH: Fritz and Prussia (rough sketch) by AryaMay APH: Fritz and Prussia (rough sketch) :iconaryamay:AryaMay 107 88
Ophelia Dreams
Thus we came to rebehold the stars
And the other globes of the celestial skies,
Lady Luna with her blunted horns renewed-
The darkness haunting us left somewhere behind.
Or maybe not quite, so the Heavens do taunt-
While the Sisters Fate laugh as the devils cry;
And the mechanics of the world turn counter clockwise,
They pushed on by the mortals who plot God's demise…
But you, my dear Ophelia, what do you see?
Do you envision your ghosts with those sightless eyes?
Or do you see anger, bitter desperation, hate?
The river as my arms that you refused to take?
My faithless lover, to the world a queen
A queen that it lost, like the others it had seen-
And your lips (now cold), how many lies did they speak?
Your hands (now damp), how many others did they seek?
None, and that's why you're a treacherous fool:
You denied yourself yours and now you're so cold
And dead, my Persephone, forever running away-
Like all women, our world's primary cause of pain;
I could
:iconaryamay:AryaMay 54 76
Star Trek TOS: What is Mine
Kirk moved silently, his steps quiet even against the backdrop of the room (with the exception of the epiphany of the clacking keyboard) before wrapping an arm around his First Officer's wraist and leaning down so that his head was nested on the crook of Spock's shoulder, eyes half closed as he watched elegant hands type out a sheet from what must be an entire month's worth of paperwork. Not once did he pause his work or even falter, even when Kirk decided to lay a chaste kiss on his neck- but it did certainly amuse him, as cued by a slight raise of an eyebrow when he felt the lips against his flesh curve into Jim's distinct grin.
"You must stop sneaking in like this, Captain." Spock finally replied after a few moments when he had finished his work, turning around so he met the gaze of his commander, "We could very much be caught."
"Can one ever sneak up on one of your kind?" light brown eyes danced with playful light, teasing but not quite. The already present smile deepened as he saw
:iconaryamay:AryaMay 20 6
Star Trek TOS: Deny Me Not
When I first looked back at the events we had been so recently subjected to- the Pon Farr and the duel in which Spock had fought me (as so lost was he in his blood fever) with all intents to kill- I had recalled fear, and fear had not been kind.
The memories had risen to me a few times after we had left Vulcan, involuntarily breaking into the abode of my conscious thought when they did. They materialized in the form of momentary flashbacks, never lasting too long but long enough to always send an abrupt chill crawling across my spine as if someone, without warning, poured a glass of ice water on me only for the sake of my due reaction- and maybe perhaps yes, my due confession that it was within those lapses of time that some of that mentioned emotion was spawned out of. It hadn't been a fear for the loss of my life as every member of the Starfleet was prepared to sacrifice themselves for a greater purpose if necessary- but more like a fear birthed out of the knowledge of the ide
:iconaryamay:AryaMay 19 12
Devil May Cry: Chibi Dante and Vergil by AryaMay Devil May Cry: Chibi Dante and Vergil :iconaryamay:AryaMay 51 22
Of budded trees and clear flowing rivers
Against softly lit skies, will spring deliver-
A renewal of life with a freshly sparked flame
Unites with the sun- and ice cowers in shame.
Winter's scars vanish and Gaia awakens new
Her soft green tresses with flowers woven through
Meets mortals' eyes when white washes away
And rosy tinged clouds in the Heavens make way-
Sparrows in high branches fill the air with song
Newly hatched robins freely join the throng;
And though occasionally fletched with light rain showers
The weather is fair and bright in the yonder-
A reflection of Spring's tranquility in dreamy eyes,
The flecks of silver in endless night skies...
She'll envelope the Earth in her divine embrace-
And so, the year's first months are blessed with Spring's grace...
~Arya May
:iconaryamay:AryaMay 3 2
A Sonnet in C Major
A Sonnet in C Major
Shall I draw a veil on the burnished sky-
Cover the oceans with endless grey mists
Banish the sun from where it burns and flies
So to ne'er let the Earth feel morning's kiss?
But what I do- you're still the brightest star
Bested all globes in far outlying space
Outshone by nothing be it near or far
With only your eyes and soft, tranquil face-
And even when the days draw to an end
When dying nights melt into fading dawns
When all time is lost, when all time is spent
The last of beauty swept away and gone...
You'll still be there, then as bright as before
Watching over above forevermore.
~Arya May
:iconaryamay:AryaMay 3 11
Pokemon: Aequivalere
Aequivalere - A Pokémon Fanfiction
Life- Green reflects- is almost like a still pool of water. The surface appears smooth and the structure firm, until something (like a rock) is dropped in it- thus creating ripples that disrupt every single one of its corners. The initial shocks are harsh- unyielding- but even if it takes seemingly forever, the waters would eventually calm and go back to the stillness of its previous state.
Though he had never been the philosophical type- or God forbid, a poet- Green felt like for once he made an accurate analogy of the two.
The happier times were what he wished could last forever.
He was sitting near a pond near Pallet Town on a warm spring day, with Red and Leaf at his sides. They were for once, not who they really were (two ex-Champions, and a girl who never really made it as far) but only what they should have been before Fate drew them apart in the crossroads to different, separated futures.
We used to play here as k
:iconaryamay:AryaMay 20 5

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Why is it raining??!!

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Damn, that means I can't go Trick or Treating today. There goes Hallowe'en.

So yeah, I kind of dressed up for school in a sense. I actually just put on a huge amount of foundation and eyeliner, and freaked people out. Actually, I was trying to replicate the emo look, which I did pretty well.

(The Prussia journal skin looks really cute, by the way XD)

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I an an ENTJ, according to tests. I am quite talkative if I deem the person that I am talking to worth talking to.

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